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A fundamental movement is defined as any movement not done in a previous pattern.

Therefore, every movement in the Pattern Chon-Ji (the first pattern in Taekwon-Do) is a fundamental movement. Saju Jirugi (Four direction punch) and Saju Makgi (Four direction block) are only training exercises and therefore are not considered fundamental movements.


When Grading, the set syllabus generally has one fundamental movement/series of movements (usually the most difficult movement/s in the pattern) and this is to be performed four (4) times forwards & backwards, to ascertain the student’s ability to perform that movement.

That said, the examiner can ask for any syllabus from 10th Kup (White belt) up to an including the current belt level. Therefore, they can ask to see any technique, so the student should be proficient in all techniques, also not just in the sequence of the pattern, but practiced individually.



Pattern (Tul) Name Number of Fundamental Movements
10th Kup – Saju Jirugi, Saju Makgi Nil (0)
9th Kup – Chon-Ji Tul Three (3)
8th Kup – Dan-Gun Tul Five (5)
7th Kup – Do-San Tul Nine (9) Including the release movement
6th Kup – Won-Hyo Tul Six (6)
5th Kup – Yul-Gok Tul Seven (7)
4th Kup – Joong-Gun Tul Fourteen (14) including the release movement
3rd Kup – Toi-Gye Tul Twelve (12) including both the posture and the grab
2nd Kup – Hwa-Rang Tul Eight (8)
1st Kup – Choong-Moo Tul Ten (10)



1st Dan Kwang-Gye Tul

Po-Un Tul

Gae-Baek Tul

2nd Dan Eui-Am Tul

Choong-Jang Tul

Juche Tul

3rd Dan Sam-Il Tul

Choi-Yong Tul

Yoo-Sin Tul

4th Dan Yon-Gye Tul

Ul-Ji Tul

Moon-Moo Tul

5th Dan So-San Tul

Se-Jeong Tul

6th Dan Tong-Il Tul